Special Permission Request Form

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The parent/legal guardian of a student may request to attend a school of his or her choice, by special permission of the school division, for one academic year based on space availability or program capacity.

The special permission window is open during the following dates:
  • March 1 – August 15 - LCPS employees
  • April 1 – August 15 - Loudoun County residents
Special permission is contingent on the following:
  • Special permission is granted for one (1) school year.
  • Parents must renew their request for special permission annually.
  • Parents must provide transportation.
  • Students must be in compliance with school rules, including attendance/tardy rules.
  • Parents understand that special permission may impact athletic eligibility (VHSL rules).
    • Contact the Athletic Supervisor with questions (571-252-1451).
How to apply:
  • Review the special permission policy guidelines available at: https://www.lcps.org/Page/76705
  • Complete the online special permission application
  • Applications are reviewed in the order they are received.
  • Parents will be notified within 30 days of making their request with the exception of K (which can go through August 1)
  • Kindergarten notifications will be sent out by August 1st
Other factors:
  • Kindergarten and New Students must register at their home school prior to applying for special permission. New Students must receive their student ID number before applying, however kindergarten students may apply before they receive a student ID.
  • If a parent/guardian wishes to rescind/cancel a special permission after it has been granted, a written request must be submitted to the Special Permissions office. At the elementary school level, if the student’s home school is at grade level capacity, the student will be assigned to a regionally placed school.
Family Relocation (Move-In) OPTION ONLY AVAILABLE for families that move during the school year.
  • A family in the process of buying, building, renting, or leasing a home in an attendance area, other than the one in which they presently reside may be assigned to the school that the student will attend when the family moves into its new home provided that:
    • The school is not in overflow.
    • The purchase, lease, etc., will be completed within the school year.
    • The parent or guardian will provide transportation to and from school.
Family Relocation (Move-Out) OPTION ONLY AVAILABLE for families that move during the school year.
  • A student who changes residence within the County during the school year may complete that school year in the school in which the student was originally enrolled provided that:
    • The parent or guardian provides transportation to and from school.
  • NOTE: A student that is a junior at the time of changing residence may continue to attend the school to which he/she is enrolled until graduation provided that transportation to and from school is provided and that they submit a special permission request within the April 1 – August 15th window.