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View7-11 Raj PandeyOwnerWillard MS Mr. Pandey has partnered with the Willard PTA to make donations of pastries and coffee to the Willard staff. We have also utilized Mr. Pandey's generous support for Willard families who come in for our ongoing parent coffees. In addition, Mr. Pandey provides substantial financial support to the Willard band, allowing them to continue to enhance their operations and outreach.Arts/Music
ViewA Joy Art Studio Adrienne HarwellOwnerBuffalo Trail ES 

A Joy Art Studio is a generous and caring supporter of Buffalo Trail Elementary School. Adrienne Harwell is an active board member of our PTA and has provided a workshop for our after school programs. We are very grateful for business partners like A Joy Art Studio. Honest, hardworking, small businesses provide such an important part of our success as an elementary school and community. We are very thankful for her support.


Enhancing our excellence
ViewA&A Heating and Air Conditioning Maral AmadoOwner/OperatorTuscarora HS 

The Amado Family, owners of A&A Heating and Air Conditioning continue to be exceptionally generous supporters of Tuscarora High School. They are also familiar faces at Tuscarora High School events. In addition to providing their time and monetary donations, they also donate materials to the school. Many of their kind deeds and generous donations are “quiet” donations that are solely intended to help the Tuscarora community members in need.

Recent examples of A&A’s generosity include ongoing sponsorships of school clubs, athletics and events, to include a $5,000 sponsorship of the football field scoreboard and ten years of financial support to the Theater Boosters.  They also financially support the band to include purchasing instruments and supporting fundraisers. The Amado family recently purchased tee shirts for the “Husky Buddies”, a program for students with differing abilities. Additionally, they regularly support DECA, and other THS clubs through the purchase of fundraiser items and continual purchase of ad space for school events.  

A&A has also provided the following: time/equipment donations - donation of company trucks and drivers for band events and a mulch delivery fundraiser as well as the sale of raffle tickets for AVID.

Recently, A&A sponsored a new club called “Impact”. This club was developed to assist families who have lost a parent, which is a cause that has always been important to the Amado Family. They have supported struggling families with “quiet donations” such as - after a Tuscarora family lost their mother to cancer and experienced financial difficulty, A&A donated and installed a furnace and air conditioning unit in the family home; when a Smart’s Mill Middle School family lost their father to cancer and experienced financial difficulty, A&A donated and installed a furnace and air conditioning unit in their family home. They have also donated money to other families who have lost a parent. In addition, they formed a fund to provide food to students who are in need.

Tuscarora High School is very fortunate to have the support of The Amado Family.

Enhancing our excellence
ViewAbernethy and Spencer Greenhouse and Garden Center  David LohmanAgricultural SpecialistLincoln ES Lincoln Elementary has participated in a school-business partnership with Abernethy and Spencer since 1994. Over the past 23 years, Abernethy and Spencer has donated free plants to the school.  Abernethy and Spencer has also given a discount to the school when the school purchases plants.  Abernethy and Spencer has worked on the flower beds and landscaping for Lincoln Elementary.  Lincoln Elementary has benefitted from this partnership in many ways.  Abernethy and Spencer has provided plants that we use to decorate the school for music programs and other events.  They have also donated flowers for different school functions.  The staff at Abernethy and Spencer have provided their knowledge regarding the maintenance of Lincoln's flower beds and grounds.  Abernethy and Spencer has benefitted from the partnership by working closely with Lincoln staff members and families. Several Lincoln families and staff members purchase trees, mulch, plants, and other items from Abernethy and Spencer.  Enhancing our excellence
ViewAldie Heritage AssociationAldie, VirginiaCheryl HutchinsonPresidentAldie ES 

The Aldie Heritage Association has a long history of supporting Aldie Elementary School in many capacities.  During the 2019-2020 school year, the Aldie Heritage Association has supported efforts to promote deeper learning through Project Based Learning in a variety of ways.  Members of the Association Board have served as an audience to fourth grade students as they sought to promote literacy in the Aldie community.  The Aldie Heritage Association funded a literacy project designed by the fourth grade students.  The Association Board members also served as an authentic audience for fifth grade students as they presented business proposals that reflected their study of the southeast region of the United States.  Board members provided critical feedback to students and encouraged their studies and interests in an authentic manner.  The Aldie Heritage Association has an ongoing relationship with Aldie Elementary School and continues to support the mission of the school through volunteer support, as well as financial support. 

Authentic Challenging Problems (Deeper Learning)
ViewAll Pro Dad Belmont Station Chapter Daniel Eagan Ridgetop Coffee and Tea. Belmont Station ES 

The All Pro Dad’s Belmont Station Chapter community partnership has been established since 2015. This group has been meeting for breakfast in the school library once a month to focus on a variety of topics kids face in their everyday lives.  This opportunity is provided for dads to spend meaningful time with their children and to strengthen their relationship as well as benefit the entire Belmont Station School community.  All Pro Dads supports dads in making meaningful connections with their children which, in turn, fosters confidence, independence, and perseverance - all qualities necessary to be a successful student and member of today’s society.

The three goals of the Belmont Station All Pro Dads chapter are:

  1. to have intentional conversations with our own kids about topics which may not come up in the course of a typical day,
  2. to meet other dads as we raise our kids together, and 
  3. to support Belmont Station Elementary School.

By focusing on these goals during intentional conversations, students are encouraged to take what they learn and apply it during the school day while building relationships with others and embracing inclusive practices.  This partnership is mutually beneficial in helping our students do their personal BeST each and every day and live up to our school motto…..shining stars today, brilliant leaders tomorrow.

Inclusive, safe, and caring environment
ViewAllen Investment Management Jason AllenAdvisorSteuart W. Weller ES Allen Investment Management donated $500 to the Steuart Weller PTO's annual Spooky Bingo Event. This donation assisted the PTO in being able to purchase prizes and rent tables for this sold out family fun night. Students dress in costumes; parade through the crowd;  and families play BINGO together. Inclusive, safe, and caring environment
ViewAlthouse Pottery Carrie AlthouseOwnerHarmony MS 

Ms. Althouse came in and devoted a whole day to our eighth-grade art classes to help teach as well as create cups using slab techniques. These cups would then be available for purchase at our Annual "Empty Cup Dinner."  All the funds raised from the cup purchases were donated to the Western Loudoun Food Pantry in Lovettsville, which helps families in our community. The cups sold are used as a reminder of the empty bowls and cups around the world.


ViewAmazon Jared ConoverSenior Finance AnalystCountryside ES 

Countryside Elementary uses a guided reading library to support student learning in reading. The guided reading library is used by teachers to choose a variety of books to help establish fundamental skills necessary for proficient reading, identify weaknesses and strengthen specific skills, improve attention to detail, build fluency, expand vocabulary knowledge, and develop reading comprehension skills. The guided reading library has not had a major refresh of books since the school was established 16 years ago. At that time, the books were supplied through funds provided by Loudoun County.

 Amazon generously partnered with Countryside Elementary in 2019 and offered to help us update our guided reading library. After reaching out to Jared Conover at Amazon, they offered to donate $10,000 for Countryside to buy new books. Furthermore, Jared and the Amazonians helped organized a community event where volunteers helped unwrap, label and organize the books in the guided reading library. Amazon’s gracious donation allowed Countryside to update the library with new, updated books across a wide variety of genres. These new books will also better reflect Countryside’s diverse population and allow students to make connections to the real world. Students will continue to grow as readers and strengthen their reading skills using these books for years to come. Lastly, we were able to transfer over 1,000 books from the original guided reading library to classroom teachers. This helped teachers build their classroom libraries and allows students more choice when picking independent books. We gave away about 200 books from the original guided reading library to students to take home for their home libraries. Amazon’s partnership allowed Countryside to refresh the guided reading library, classroom libraries and students’ home libraries!

Authentic Challenging Problems (Deeper Learning), Enhancing our excellence
ViewAmphora Diner George CholakisOwnerRock Ridge HS 

Amphora Diner and the Cholakis family have been highly valued partners and community members for Rock Ridge High School.  The donations of food for large events have promoted a family atmosphere, assisted with our school population and supported their business.  Above all; however, the Cholakis family volunteers countless hours to supporting our students through volunteerism, coaching and acts of kindness.   We are so fortunate to have this wonderful family at Rock Ridge High School!

Inclusive, safe, and caring environment
ViewAnderson Mechanical Chris AndersonPresidentAcademies of Loudoun 

Anderson Mechanical: Anderson Mechanical consistently recruits HVAC technicians from our HVAC and building construction programs.  Anderson is a leader in the HVAC industry and offers competitive wages and salaries to our HVAC technicians right out of high school.  Anderson also comes into the classroom and provides resources and materials in order for the instructor to share the latest techniques and technology in the classroom. 


Enhancing our excellence, Authentic Challenging Problems (Deeper Learning)
ViewAnne Rule-Thompson Ceramics/Rivers Studio Anne Rule-ThompsonOwnerHarmony MS 

Ms. Rule-Thompson came in and devoted a whole day to our eighth-grade art classes to help teach and create cups using slab techniques.  These cups were available for purchase at our Annual "Empty Cup Dinner."  All the funds raised from the cup purchases were donated to the Western Loudoun Food Pantry in Lovettsville which helps families in our community.  The cups sold are used as a reminder of the empty bowls and cups around the world.

ViewApple EducationWashington D.C.Ellen LoosAccount ExecutiveBrambleton MS Apple Education has served as the truest example of school and community partnership. Apple began its partnership with Brambleton through providing a professional learning experience for our teachers to kickoff the 2019-2020 school year under the banner of “Cultivating Future Contributors”. The early professional learning experience which was heavily anchored to the 5Cs served as a springboard for our other work with our students! Brambleton Middle School was selected as a Host Site for the Digital Promise-League of Innovative schools based on are community connections and real-world learning. Apple Education worked with Brambleton students to document this journey by helping our school community answer the question, “How do we as student documentarians tell the story of the Digital Promise experience?”. Apple Education has worked side by side with our kids to answer this question, provide resources, interviewing skill work, professional expertise, and immeasurable opportunities for students to work alongside Apple professionals to create this documentary. They have been committed to and honored our students work, inquiry, and have ultimately inspired and deepened our students learning in their 8th grade English classes. Enhancing our excellence, Inclusive, safe, and caring environment, Authentic Challenging Problems (Deeper Learning)
ViewArcola Bible Church Don StonePastorArcola ES 

In 2013, Arcola Bible Church requested to use our school space for worship and Sunday school.  ABC uses our space from 8:30 - 1:00 on Sundays.  They soon asked how they could help our teachers and school.  Volunteers from ABC have supported us by helping to install our gardens which included the clearing of rock and digging plots.  They have planted trees and bushes around the school.  They assembled sheds that house Science curriculum materials.  Volunteers from ABC copy and laminate for Arcola teachers on a weekly basis.  They also assist with the monthly design and creation of bulletin boards.  ABC has been very generous throughout the years and has provided special treats for the entire staff to include coffee and breakfast the first day of school and lunches during the year.

Enhancing our excellence, Inclusive, safe, and caring environment
ViewAshburn Children Dentistry Dr. Lynda Dean-DuruDentistAshburn ES Dr. Dean-Duru has performed our annual dental screening for over 150 children for the past five years. She has identified serious dental issues for many children. Her services are critical to the health and well being of our students. Dental concerns left untreated could impact so many other aspects of their lives. For many children, Dr. Dean-Duru provides the first and only dental care that they will receive. She performs this service with great care, kindness, and professionalism. Ashburn Elementary students benefit from this dental support in that a basic need is met which allows the student to focus on their instruction. We believe that a healthy child is a student who is available to focus and meet the challenges of their academic day. We are extremely grateful for this valuable service that she provides.Inclusive, safe, and caring environment